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Organisation signatures

Below is a list of organisations that support the global call for sharing

83 organisations have signed the statement as of 23/07/2015
Date Organisation Country Website Address
23/07/2015 Global Revelations United States http://www.facebook.com/groups/442908915889064/
23/07/2015 Universal Light Centre Canada http://www.universallightcentre.com
19/06/2015 Centrum voor duurzame economie en recht Belgium http://www.www.cder.be
12/06/2015 OuiShare France http://www.ouishare.net
12/06/2015 Taxistop Belgium http://www.taxistop.be
28/05/2015 International Movement for Advancement of Education Culture Social & Economic Deveopmwnt (IMAECSED) India http://www.imaecsed.com
27/05/2015 Sociolution Spain http://www.sociolution.com
20/05/2015 Liftshare United Kingdom http://www.liftshare.com
12/05/2015 National Community Activists Network United Kingdom http://www.nationalcan.ning.com
28/04/2015 PHOENIX-Europa Germany
21/04/2015 Bolton Diggers United Kingdom http://www.boltonrepublic.org.uk
21/04/2015 Pirate Party UK United Kingdom http://www.pirateparty.org.uk
12/04/2015 YHD - Association for theory and culture of handicap Slovenia http://www.yhd-drustvo.si
09/04/2015 Sharing.Lab Denmark http://www.sharinglab.dk
24/03/2015 Earth Rights Institute United States http://www.earthrightsinstitute.org
20/03/2015 Khulumani Support Group South Africa http://www.khulumani.net
08/03/2015 Tell It Parents Action Group United Kingdom http://facebook.com/TellItParentsActionGroup.DIY
04/03/2015 Mass Mosaic United States http://www.massmosaic.com
23/02/2015 The Sharing Project United States http://www.thesharingproject.net
20/02/2015 World Goodwill United Kingdom http://www.worldgoodwill.org
19/02/2015 CommonSpark United States http://www.commonsparkcollective.org
13/02/2015 Apollo Arts Initiative United States http://www.apolloartsinitiative.org
13/02/2015 The Source Project United Kingdom http://www.thesourceimage.com
08/02/2015 Aquarian Age Community United States http://www.aquaac.org
04/02/2015 The interfaith and secular-humanist welcoming) Network of Spiritual Progressives United States http://www.spiritualprogressives.org
04/02/2015 Tikkun Magazine United States http://www.tikkun.org
25/01/2015 Rainbow the Busy World f.c Uganda
25/01/2015 Guerrilla Translation Spain http://www.guerrillatranslation.org
15/01/2015 The Pelican Web United States http://www.pelicanweb.org
10/01/2015 Nature & Partage France http://www.docteurnature.org