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New book: The Sharing Economy by Mohammed Sofiane Mesbahi

12 January 2022

STWR have published a book of the classic text by Mohammed Sofiane Mesbahi, titled ‘The Sharing Economy: Inaugurating an Age of the Heart’.

While the enthusiasm for business-oriented sharing platforms has diminished over recent years, this book explores how the moral and political cause for sharing still retains the utmost relevance for our lives.

Mesbahi argues that the idea of a sharing economy should always have been directed towards our governments, particularly in response to the tragedy of needless poverty and hunger.

The author goes on to envision what it means to implement the principle of sharing in world affairs via the United Nations, which has profoundly personal as well as political implications.

For as Mesbahi explains, we cannot bring about a just economic order without a sense of our global unity and oneness, and ultimately a new spiritual education based on the Art of Being or Self-realisation.

Purchase the book

To buy the book in paperback visit STWR's online store. The book is also available from online retailers around the world. The first chapter can be read here.

Further resources

Online versions of the Studies and other books by Mesbahi can be viewed at: https://www.sharing.org/online-books

For more information about STWR, visit: www.sharing.org