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New fundraiser: Please help support our billboard campaign

Sonja Scherndl STWR
16 August 2021

STWR have initiated a new crowdfunder to raise money for advertising our campaign across central London, UK. 

The aim is to invite more people to join our call for implementing Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights—which stands for adequate food, housing, healthcare and social security for everyone on earth.

Our first campaign placed posters on every train leaving London over a 4 week period. In our latest fundraiser, the aim is to advertise on the back of buses travelling throughout London.

The advertising campaign will help to raise further awareness about the importance of Article 25 and our vision for sharing the world’s resources. Now more than ever, we need to popularise the people’s cause for achieving socioeconomic rights worldwide!

Can you make a donation?

We are hoping to raise £11,000 (approx. $15,000 US dollars) to make a real impact, which will be enough to advertise on the London bus network for 4 weeks.

Every donation counts!

Please donate here

Visit our PayPal donate page and mark your donation ‘Billboard campaign’.

Further resources

To learn more please visit STWR’s campaign page for Article 25

Read our flagship book: Heralding Article 25—A people’s strategy for world transformation