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New study: 44 million food-insecure Americans can eat positive economic statistics

Guest content
02 April 2024

 “Let Them Eat GDP Reports,” says Hunger Free America. Reported by Kim Moscaritolo.

A new report from the nonprofit group Hunger Free America found that, although the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s research indicates that 44 million Americans – including 13 million children – now live in food insecure households, unable to afford an adequate supply of food, they can eat positive economic statistics about the soaring stock market or the growing Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Said Joel Berg, the CEO of Hunger Free America, “The old school way of the elites fighting hunger was to say, ‘let them eat cake.’ But the more modern approach is to say, ‘let them eat a report of  the nation’s growing GDP, although the report offers empty calories.’”

As Hunger Free America has previously documented, not only did U.S. hunger skyrocket after pandemic-era cash and food aid provided by President Biden and Democrats in Congress expired over the past few years under pressure from Congressional conservatives, housing is now unaffordable for tens of millions of Americans.

Even beyond those struggling just to make daily ends meet, tens of millions more cannot achieve key indicators of the American middle class dream: owning a home, going to college, or saving a sufficient nest egg for retirement.

Continued Berg, “By focusing mostly on economic statistics that benefit mostly the wealthy– like stock indexes – the nation’s political and media elites blithely overlook that hard evidence that the economy is still structurally unsound for large swaths of the public, and then those same elites are flummoxed as to why the public tells pollsters they are still not satisfied with the economy.

"But the good news is that, none of that matters now, because truckloads of positive economic reports are being shipped to food banks, soup kitchens, and food pantries nationwide, and the country’s impoverished multitudes can now get all they can eat – assuming they can digest paper report pages and cardboard report covers, and don’t mind a bit of poisonous ink.”

Original source: Hunger Free America

Image credit: Aaron Doucett, Unsplash