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The End Austerity Activism Festival

The End Austerity Activism Festival


Wednesday, 28th September 2022 to Friday, 30th September 2022



The End Austerity Activism Festival is happening! 

The End Austerity Activism Festival is a 3-day virtual event that will take place from Wednesday 28th of September through Friday 30th of September 2022.

It will officially launch the End Austerity Campaign, calling on activists and organisations from all around the world to denounce the new wave of austerity spreading across the world, amid the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the food and energy crisis brought about by the Ukraine war.

The Campaign will call for more ambitious recovery packages to focus on a feminist, green and care-led recovery rather than corporate hand-outs and social protection cuts, resisting an economic model that puts profit before people and the planet.

What will happen at the End Austerity Festival?

The End Austerity Activism Festival will be a decentralized and bottom-up event designed and organised collectively by the affiliates and allies of the End Austerity Campaign. 

Dozens of major civil society organisations, grass root movements, activists, and artists from around the world have pulled together a series of high-level events to discuss the impact of austerity and calling for alternative policies, ranging from progressive taxation to tackling illicit financial flows and tax evasion which syphon billions of dollars from Global South countries every year.

Click the link here to download the draft programme.

Pre-register for the End Austerity Festival

Registrations for the events will open as soon as the programme is finalised.

Click the link here to pre-register and be the first to know when registrations open.