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#NowWeRise – 9 Dec Day of Action


Saturday, 9th December 2023


Climate Justice Coalition, UK, nationwide

As world leaders gather in the UAE for COP28, the Climate Justice Coalition is calling for mobilisations across Britain on 9 December.

UN climate negotiations at COP28 this year will be presided over by an oil executive in the United Arab Emirates. A tiny club of leaders and industrialists in wealthy countries are ramping up fossil fuel production, while lecturing the rest of the world on climate action.

'Now we rise' will call out our leaders’ climate hypocrisy. If we’re to have any hope of a liveable planet and tackling the climate crisis, we must dramatically and immediately reduce the use of fossil fuels – and overturn the systems of extraction, exploitation and oppression fuelling this crisis.

We will stand with communities in the global South who are suffering from the climate crisis, which they did not create, and which does the greatest damage to countries already burdened by the legacy of colonialism and unjust debt. Rich nations must provide urgent climate finance and reparations for loss and damage.

Find your local event on 9 December