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Report / 2012年10月1日

A report by Share The World’s Resources demonstrates how governments could mobilise over $2.8 trillion each year to bolster the global sharing economy and prevent life-threatening deprivation, reverse austerity measures and mitigate the human impacts of climate change.

Report / 2012年10月1日

This section of the report Financing the Global Sharing Economy focuses on ending government support for fossil fuels and biofuels. The text below highlights the importance of transitioning to a low carbon economy, and demonstrates how governments could raise over $500bn each year for worthier social and environmental causes. See further resources at the end of the section under 'learn more and get involved'.

Report / 2012年10月1日

This section of the report Financing the Global Sharing Economy argues that civil society must step up their advocacy for carbon taxes. With time for effective action to tackle CO2 emissions fast running out, carbon taxes remain an important policy tool for reducing climate change and financing mitigation and adaptation programs.

Blog / 2012年6月27日

Following the ‘hoax summit' and failure of political leadership at Rio+20, it is clear that the responsibility for change rests with ordinary, engaged citizens to forge a united and informed world public opinion that is stronger than any government or vested interest.

Blog / 2012年6月20日

As we celebrate National Sharing Day, let’s make sure we advocate for sharing in all its forms. The true milestone for the Age of Sharing will be the creation of a global sharing economy that ensures we end poverty and live sustainably.

News / 2010年12月9日

Plans to hand control of global climate funds over to the World Bank – an undemocratic institution recognised as one of the main drivers of current unsustainable development trends – are being met with stiff opposition. In an open letter to the governments of the world, STWR joins the call to keep the World Bank out of climate finance.

Article / 2010年11月17日

Many people have become dominated by consumerism and no longer recognise the value of our natural world or the importance of community. Indigenous cultures have a lot to teach us about sharing, sustainability, and a spiritual relationship to Mother Earth, explain Freddy Treuquil and Victor Lem Masc.

News / 2010年6月22日

STWR joined a diverse group of academics, activists and business people at the first ever international conference on steady state economics held in Leeds. 

Article / 2010年6月4日

The proposal for fewer and more evenly shared work hours seems counter-intuitive in the current economic framework. Only by removing the structural bias towards overwork and hyper-consumerism can we build lasting prosperity within ecological limits, argues Anna White.

Article / 2010年5月3日

After the failure of the Copenhagen talks, the world's social movements united in Cochabamba to establish a radical agreement that calls on governments to combine meaningful emission cuts with a wholesale transformation of the global economy, writes Anna White.