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Article / 2008年5月19日

The failure of the IMF, World Bank and WTO to represent and further the interests of the developing world, through their one-size-fits-all approach, has lead to the collapse of trade negations, widespread criticism of their effectiveness, and bitter international protest. Many countries are rejecting the neoliberal ideologies of the ‘unholy trinity’ with intensifying calls for their reform or decommissioning.

Article / 2008年5月19日

Although the United Nations remains heavily criticised for its complexity and bias towards the ‘big 5’ nations, it’s noble origins and ideals – embodied in the UN Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights – emphasises the need for a more democratic, powerful and ultimately more representative UN system that can act as a conduit for international cooperation and the securing of basic human needs.

Report / 2007年9月27日

This report presents an analysis of the effectiveness of the United Nations and outlines measures which can significantly reform the body to ensure that it can more readily realise its humanitarian mandate and exert greater control over the global economy.

Article / 2007年7月6日

再びG8(カナダ、フランス、ドイツ、イタリア、日本、ロシア、イギリス、アメリカ)が年次サミットを開始しました。 今年は北ドイツの小さな海辺のリゾートであるハイリゲンダムで行われ、12 kmの有刺鉄線フェンスに囲まれ…

Article / 2007年6月7日

Once again the G8 (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK and the US) have begun their annual summit. This year it takes place at Heiligendamm, a small seaside resort in North Germany, which has been transformed into a fortress, surrounded by twelve kilometres of welded metal fence...

Report / 2006年1月31日

Arguably the most comprehensive and solutions-oriented analysis of critical global economic issues to date was a report by the Independent Commission on International Development Issues, chaired by Willy Brandt (former Chancellor of West Germany) in 1980 - widely referred to as the 'Brandt Report'.

Article / 2005年2月1日