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Past events

Pay up, clean up, shut up

Global Day of Action for Climate Finance: Demand the UK pays up for the climate crisis!

Event / 11th June 2024

The UK’s climate debt — the money it owes due to historical and current emissions that have contributed to the climate crisis — is estimated to be in excess of £1 trillion.

From Plunder to Solidarity

Event / 1st June 2024

Join an upcoming event with Global Justice Now in Nottingham to discuss how we how we move from a global economy based on plunder to one based on solidarity.

stop sending arms, ceasefire now

Global Day of Action: #Stop Sending Arms To Israel

Event / 2nd May 2024

Join a global day of action to call on political leaders to urgently end arms transfers to Israel amidst the ongoing catastrophic humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 

#FixTheFinance: Join the climate justice mobilisations on finance

Event / 16th April 2024

On 16-19 April 2024 a global week of Climate Justice Finance Mobilisations will hold governments, UN climate talks, private banks, the IMF, the World Bank, multilateral development banks – those that hold the purse strings – to account.