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Corporate power

Article / 15th June 2015

To realise the true potential of sharing and collaborative consumption we need to challenge the prevailing economic model, particularly the excesses of consumer culture and the widening of inequalities that are an inherent feature of modern capitalist societies.

Article / 15th June 2015


Article / 3rd June 2015

もし分かち合いの経済のムーブメントが優勢的な経済パラダイムから社会を転換させる役割を担うべきであるなら、それが政治的になることは不可避です。そしてこれは、 世界全体を通して、– 明確にであろうと黙示的にであろうと − 経済的分かち合いのより変革的および基本的形態を長い間要求してきた活動家のより大きな組織と一致協力する一方で、企業セクターによる吸収から分かち合いを守ることを意味します。

Article / 2nd June 2015

In this latest editorial we’re highlighting some of the various ways in which a call for sharing is being expressed in the field of international development, especially in relation to calls for more and better overseas aid.

Blog / 22nd May 2015

A radical new initiative has recently been launched that could potentially break the impasse in climate change negotiations by catalysing a global civil society movement that claims collective property rights over the atmosphere.​

Article / 12th May 2015
Article / 12th May 2015

The major spiritual lesson for humanity in the twenty-first century could not be simpler or more urgent, however difficult it has been to realise this obvious truth in our structures of international relationship: that a more equitable sharing of wealth, technology, skills and knowledge is the fundamental basis of a just and peaceful world order.

Article / 24th April 2015

活気に満ちた討論が、私たちの時代の大きな問題との関係から分かち合いの意味について問い始めています。STIR magazineに最近掲載されたアーティクルのなかでSTWRは、この出現する経済の概念が単なる個人的、消費者主導型または商業化された協力形態に恩義を受けるべきでなく、国内および国際レベルでの政府の政策に、最終的に反映されねばならないことの正当性を議論します。

Article / 20th April 2015

As part of STWR’s ‘global call for sharing’ campaign, our latest editorial highlights how recent protest and campaigning activity is invariably focused on the need to share wealth, power and resources more fairly and sustainably, as witnessed in many recent popular mobilisations for social and economic justice across the world.

Article / 18th March 2015

It’s time to broaden the debate on how to fund a universal basic income by including options for sharing resource rents, which is a model that can be applied internationally to reform unjust economic systems, reduce extreme poverty and protect the global commons.